Taking its name from the river which runs through it, marking the border with Spain, the Minho is not only stunningly beautiful, but steeped in tradition.  For those interested in history, it is rich in centuries old castles, churches and monasteries.

Renowned for its excellent wines, the Minho is also known as `Costa Verde’, or the `Green Coast’.  It is a land of warm, open-hearted people, where visitors can enjoy the pleasures of markets, festivals, country fairs and also pilgrimages.

Beautiful rivers flow into this region from Spain. The river Lima has the historical and beautiful towns of Ponte da BarcaPonte de Lima and Viana do Castelo on its banks.

The river Minho forms the northern Portuguese border with Spain. There are interesting old monuments along its banks including the fortified border town of Valenca do Minho, which is only 3 miles from Yavanna. The stunning fort which encloses the town was built to keep out the Spanish. Safe lifeguard patrolled swimming and fishing in the Minho is only 10 minutes from Yavanna.

The southern border of the region is another beautiful river, the Douro. The river banks are terraced vineyards leading down to the water. The wine from the 'quintas' on the upper reaches of this river make the famous Port Wine.

National Park
The Minho boasts the only National Park in Portugal with international status, Penedes Geres. Here, there are traditional Portuguese hill farms and an older way of life. Cattle still live under houses and those which do go out grazing have to be indoors each night because of the Iberian wolf.