The Property


  • The property covers about 6000 sq meters (1.5 acres) - see plan below. It has beautifully maintained gardens with plenty of place to relax and play. Our 12x8 meters salt swimming pool offers a perfect getaway with beautiful views of the landscape.
  • We have a number of fruit trees and berry bushes as well as an edible garden where you can find different types of seasonal vegetables, legumes and herbs. Colourful flowers are scattered around the property which complement the green of the countryside.
  • Our two charming houses, Casa Dolinda and Casa Gabriel provide accommodation for groups up to a maximum of 6 in each and are available for weekly holiday rental in summer and shorter stays during the off peak season. Each house has its own garden and barbecue area and are very distinct in design and look.
  • There is a large studio that can be used as a conference facility or as a venue for creative workshops – it is quite versatile so we can cater for your varied needs.


Property plan